i’m sure i used to be so free

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Being “caught” looking would imply some attempt at subtlety.


Being “caught” looking would imply some attempt at subtlety.

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as if you’ve always been there and always will.

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Donna was the perfect companion for Ten after Rose’s departure. Not that Martha wasn’t great cause she is and she saved the world, but she fell prey to the same charm that Rose saw and became the “rebound” companion. But Donna was the friend he needed, the one that would question his decisions, who wouldn’t follow him blindly, and would tell him when enough was enough. And I think she would have been with him forever and he wouldn’t have minded because they were best friends and that’s what he needed, a friend. Nothing more, nothing less, just a friend. 

Donna and The Doctor= my BROTP

omg stop im so emotional right now this isnt helping ;_;

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